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The Grind of Becoming an Elite MXGP Rider ft. Coldenhoff & Elzinga

The Grind of Becoming an Elite MXGP Rider ft. Coldenhoff & Elzinga

“Why do you need to be fit for motocross? All you have to do is sit on the bike and turn the throttle!” This is a baffling phrase that every top motocross rider has heard at least once in their life.

To the average person, motocross might seem like a sport of pleasure, a hobby purely for adrenaline junkies requiring very little athletic prowess. However, this assumption couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, motocross is one of the most mentally and physically demanding sports in the world, requiring a unique combination of talent, courage, athleticism, adaptability, and above all, dedication. 

Becoming an elite motocross rider requires relentless work and dedication. Riders undergo grueling training sessions, maintain a strict diet, and prioritize rest and recovery to optimize their physical and mental performance. The challenges they face are not always visible to spectators, but they are deeply ingrained in the essence of the sport.

For the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP and MX2 riders, like Glenn Coldenhoff and Rick Elzinga, they harness the knowledge and strategy of former racer Kenny Van Deuren, a trainer who has developed groundbreaking methods to cultivate promising talents and fine-tune their skills. 

Venturing beyond conventional training techniques, Van Deuren focuses on critical aspects such as balance, coordination, and precision, which are essential for top riders. His holistic training regimens aim to enhance physical stamina, mental resilience, and technical ability. 

In addition to their rigorous training regimes, top riders spend significant time on the bike trying to find an extra edge that allows them to push harder than ever before. Whether it's testing parts, adjusting the bike setup, or refining their race craft, every rider is doing all they can in their pursuit of excellence. 

Ride. Train. Rest. Repeat. That's the moto-otion in action. This rhythm, broken down into daily, weekly, and seasonal plans, is how a rider extracts their fullest potential. Remember, champions are made when no one is watching. 

To truly grasp what it takes, ORIGIN-AL episode two spends a couple of days in the boots of Glenn Coldenhoff and Rick Elzinga to paint the picture.