What is Superstock 1000?

The FIM Superstock 1000 Cup is one of three championships that support the Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) at European race weekends throughout the 2018 season.

The FIM Superbike World Championship was first introduced in 1988 to showcase the new generation of high-performance street sports bikes and quickly gained importance in the world of motorcycle racing. 

Part of the appeal of WorldSBK was the relevance to the paying public, bringing with it the ‘race on Sunday, buy on Monday’ philosophy. With all the major manufacturers participating, people could see the machines they owned being raced, while the riders themselves were more accessible and relaxed than their GP counterparts. 

As a supporting class, the European Superstock 1000 Championship (STK1000) is an international competition that, much like WorldSBK, uses production motorcycles. However, STK1000 specs remain more aligned to customer machines than their finely-tuned Superbike compatriots allowing the race bikes to stay as close as possible to everyday road versions.

STK1000 motorcycles are usually 1000cc four cylinders, like Yamaha’s new YZF-R1, with limited modifications such as safety and crash survivability. The teams are allowed to enhance their bike’s performance by modifying the road gear (lights, horn, side stand etc.), replacing the standard bodywork with pattern race items and changing small items like the foot rests and handlebars to meet the rider’s preference. The rear shock and front fork internals may be changed for aftermarket items, but otherwise the chassis must remain standard. Engine tuning is limited to changing the exhaust for a race item. Pirelli-developed tyres are provided especially for race events but only one type of grooved rubber is permitted and the same product can be bought for a road bike. 

The Superstock 1000 class differs from WorldSBK by having an age limit. In 2018 the European Superstock 1000 Championship is restricted to riders between 16 and 28 years of age ensuring progression throughout the championship structure.