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Coronavirus Situation Forces Cancellation of 2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SuperFinale

Coronavirus Situation Forces Cancellation of 2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SuperFinale

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, Yamaha Motor Europe has taken the difficult decision to cancel this year's YXZ1000R SuperFinale event, which was scheduled to take place during the Baja Portalegre in Portugal in October. Although the 2020 SuperFinale will not now go ahead as planned, Yamaha Motor Europe remains committed to supporting YXZ1000R racing across Europe this year.

With European nations adopting different approaches to lifting COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, it remains unclear in which countries racing will return this year and when. Uncertainty over travel restrictions, which could exclude some competitors from travelling to the 2020 SuperFinale in Portugal, was also a major factor.

It is for these reasons that Yamaha Motor Europe opted to cancel this year's YXZ1000R SuperFinale while continuing to support those YXZ1000R European Cup rounds that do take place this season. The focus now is on ensuring that the 2021 SuperFinale will be a fitting celebration at the end of what everyone hopes will be a full season of racing.

Launched last year, the YXZ1000R Cup is a mono-brand racing community that features within various European championships taking place in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom, with participants competing to win a brand new YXZ1000R. Running in parallel is the YXZ1000R Challenge, which ranks YXZ racers who aren’t contesting the European Cup with the winner receiving free entry to the 2021 Baja Aragon.

Further updates on the 2020 YXZ racing situation and the 2021 season will follow as the global situation becomes clearer.

Paolo Pavesio

Director Marketing and Motorsport, Yamaha Motor Europe

"It was with great regret that we decided to cancel this year's YXZ1000R SuperFinale. Last year's event was a fantastic success and the perfect way to close out a season of incredible racing together with our YXZ racing community. However, the situation this year is very different, with countries across Europe working to contain a pandemic and racing, quite rightly, suspended for the duration. Each country is easing restrictions differently, with the result that we don't have parity across Europe, which could result in some YXZ1000R Cups still pending or competitors possibly excluded from the SuperFinale in Portugal due to travel restrictions imposed by their own or other government bodies. It is for this reason we took the decision to cancel this year's event, and to focus instead on making next year's SuperFinale a memorable one. For the National Cups in those countries where it will be possible to race, the national branches of Yamaha Motor Europe will remain in close contact with all competitors and provide additional information when it is available."