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Yamaha Motor introduces dedicated GYTR Racing Kits for the YXZ1000R

Yamaha Motor introduces dedicated GYTR® Racing Kits for the YXZ1000R

For over 60 years, one of Yamaha's core philosophies is inspiring everyday riders to experience the rush of competition and the thrill of victory. Our passionate commitment to our customers is proven every day with world-renowned quality and reliability. In continuing that legacy, we are excited to announce the introduction of two dedicated GYTR® (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing) Racing Kits for the YXZ1000R, extending our tradition of racing excellence.

The adrenaline-charged YXZ1000R Side-by-Side

The dynamic and sporty YXZ1000R Side-by-Side brings off-road racing to the pinnacle of performance. Featuring a unique 5-speed manual gearbox, it gives drivers mastery over any track with speed, power and style.

Speed, precision and control are the fundamentals of racing. The YXZ1000R’s power steering and long-stroke suspension, equipped with FOX® shocks and Big Horn tyres, give you the pro-level tools to hold the fast line in the most gruelling terrains. The 3-cylinder 998cc engine, available in an exclusive rally-style sequential gearbox or Sport Shift gearbox, has been tried and tested on and off the track in some of the toughest courses out there. If you’re constantly pushing yourself and striving for ultimate performance, Yamaha Motor is ready to take you to the next level. The GYTR Rally Kits are the key to unlocking the world of professional National and International Side-by-Side Racing.


The two dedicated GYTR Racing Kits

The GYTR Racing Kits easily upgrade the YXZ1000R Side-by-Side to meet FIA T4 racing safety standards. Yamaha Motor is fully dedicated to growing the sport by providing opportunities for the next generation to enter the world of off-road racing. It’s fast, it’s dirty, it makes your heart pound and your forehead sweat. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. By offering accessible solutions and race-worthy equipment, it’s never been easier for passionate fans to get behind the wheel and fight for the podium.

The GYTR Racing kits in detail

  • GYTR Racing Kit Stage 1 (MY16 - MY18) – suitable for YXZ1000R from model year 2016-2018, and qualifies the vehicle for most national rally events, or;

  • GYTR Racing Kit Stage 1 (MY19 – Current) – suitable for YXZ1000R from model year 2019-current, and qualifies the vehicle for most national rally events, and

  • GYTR Racing Kit Stage 2 FIA– add-on either Stage 1 Kit and contains additional components specifically required for official FIA events or cross country events.

The GYTR Racing Kits Stage 1 includes an FIA certified bolt-on safety cage, racing seats made of Skai material, 6-point safety harnesses, made-to-measure window nets, powder-coated aluminium firewalls and roof, skid plates, electrically operated main power switch, racing wire harness with dashboard switches and so much more to fuel your dreams of victory. Equipped with the GYTR Racing Kits, the YXZ1000R is primed to compete in most competitions under National Sports Authorities and FIM as well!

And if you’re ready for the ultimate racing experience and are eager to tackle the challenging world of international racing, then you will soon be able to upgrade with the GYTR Racing Kit Stage 2. With the combination of Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits, you have all the mandatory, certified safety equipment to qualify a YXZ1000R for the official Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) passport, granting access to drive in some of the most exciting longer races in Europe and around the globe, including the FIA European Cross-Country Baja and Rally events. The Stage 2 Kit upgrades your ride with plug-and-play fuel cells with increased capacity, an automatic fire extinguisher system, and steering wheel protection. The GYTR Racing Kit Stage 2 availability in the market will follow Stage 1 – please contact your Official Local Dealer for further details. 

Compared with available aftermarket solutions, the GYTR Racing Kits offer great value and legendary Yamaha quality all without making permanent modifications to the base vehicle. In addition, the one-stop-shop concept means that all the parts and spares needed for competition come from a single source making your entry into the racing world absolutely seamless.

Optimal kit installation means a smooth road to competition

It has never been easier to start your racing journey. Assembly of the kit requires no welding or modifications to the OEM chassis. The plug and play design mean any Yamaha Side-by-Side dealer or experienced mechanic can install the kit in about 16 hours.

YXZ1000R Cup

Every epic story starts somewhere, and with these innovative kits, you’re set up for success and ready to claim victory. Yamaha is so dedicated to helping racing fans achieve their dreams, we didn’t stop at providing real-world access to the best equipment. To inspire our patrons to greatness, in 2019 Yamaha Motor Europe proudly launched the YXZ1000R European Cup. This series encourages both amateur and professional pilots to race Yamaha’s sport Side-by-Side vehicles.

The YXZ1000R Cup is a mono-brand racing community inside multiple championships around Europe, with each National Cup featuring a minimum of three races. So, grab your co-pilot and start practising your roadbook notes now. Nothing comes close to the thrill of crossing that finish line, and with the GYTR kits installed, you’re ready to join the white-knuckle, scenery-blurring fun.

Yamaha is here to make your dreams of racing not just achievable, but a heart-revving reality, today and every day. What are you waiting for? Join the elite ranks of the Yamaha racing family now.

To learn more about the:

  • GYTR Racing kits: for specific availability in your country, please contact your local Yamaha Dealer.
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