Are you ready to take your MX career to the next level thanks to Yamaha support? Sign up to the YZ65 bLU cRU FIM Europe Cup now with these three easy steps:

Step 1: Make sure you fit the competition requirements. If you’re born between January 1st 2008 and December 31st 2011 (age 8/ 11) and are racing in one of the selected FIM approved national championships with a Yamaha YZ65, you’re allowed to participate. Please ask consent from your parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) before moving on to step two of the signing up process.

Step 2: Please click on the correct link below for your country and language before filling out and submitting the online form. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy contained within the form, before submitting.

Step 3: If your registration is successful you will receive an email confirming your admission to the YZ65 bLU cRU FIM Europe Cup. If you do not receive your email confirmation, please check your spam folder.

As soon as your registration has been completed you will be welcomed to Yamaha’s youth talent development programme, YZ65 bLU cRU FIM Europe Cup.

For information about our bLU cRU programme or if you are having trouble with the digital registration process, please contact us using the following address:

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_AU Austria: German

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_BE Belgium: French / Dutch

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_CR Croatia: Croatian

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_DN Denmark: Danish

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_ET Estonia: Estonian

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_FN Finland: Finnish

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_FR France: French

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_DE Germany: German

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_GR Greece: Greek

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_IT Italy: Italian

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_LV Latvia: Latvian

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_NL Netherlands: Dutch

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_NO Norway: Norwegian

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_PL Poland: Polish

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_PR Portugal: Portuguese

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_ES Spain: Spanish

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_SW Sweden: Swedish

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_SW Switzerland: French / German / Italian

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_TK Turkey: Turkish

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_UN Ukraine: Russian

2018-YZ125Cup-RegistrationIMG_UK United Kingdom: English